Adult Swim Debuts Promo for Fan-Favorite Series Return

Adult Swim is celebrating the return of a fan-favorite series to the network with a special debut promo! The Adult Swim programming block has undergone a number of major shifts recently. Not only did many of its original animated series air new episodes this year, but the block's regularly syndicated offerings have been changing as well. Earlier this year Adult Swim notably lost one of the major pillars of its block, Family Guy, after 18 years and has been looking for new series to fill the important 9PM EST time slot that the show carried for so long. 

It seems Adult Swim has found a suitable replacement, however, with the surprising return of the FOX animated series, King of the Hill to the network. This series had been in syndication with Adult Swim in the past, but had been missing for the last few years. With its return to the block earlier this week, Adult Swim has celebrated its big premiere with a hilarious promo highlighting one of the major reasons why fans have come to love the classic animated series so much over the years. Check it out below: 

King of the Hill will now be airing weeknights on Adult Swim at 9PM EST, and will be airing two episodes a night. As for the order in which it will air, Adult Swim has not exactly kicked it off with the first episode of the series but has been making choice selections as to which episodes have been offered thus far. There is a question of whether or not it will actually air those first two seasons (something Adult Swim had avoided during King of the Hill's initial run with the network back in 2014), but many fans are already excited to see such a big returning program. 

King of the Hill is currently also in syndication with the FXX network, and like those airings, the current episodes now airing on Adult Swim are being presented in their original 4:3 format rather than cropping or zooming in much like some poorer syndications of the past. But what do you think? How do you feel about King of the Hill making its return to Adult Swim? Will you be checking out its new airings? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!