Kyoto Animation to Stream Special Memorial on Arson Attack's 3rd Anniversary

Almost three years ago, the anime community was rocked when news broke about a tragedy at Kyoto Animation. The beloved studio was targeted by an arson attack that left dozens dead and more injured on a simple summer's day. Soon, the studio will commemorate the attack's third anniversary, and Kyoto Animation hopes fans will take a moment to remember all those it lost on that tragic day.

On July 18th, the studio will host a memorial in honor of the anniversary and its victims online rather than hosting an in-person event. The tribute will be streamed on YouTube through Kyoto Animation's official profile. The memorial will last ten minutes and pay homage to all those who lost their lives three years ago during the fire.

Of course, Kyoto Animation has asked fans in Japan to be considerate of the date in question. The studio has asked supporters to avoid the area where the arson took place as Studio 1 has long been torn down. The area is still blocked off by construction, and Kyoto Animation confirmed it will not receive condolence gifts at its current headquarters either.


If you are out of the loop with Kyoto Animation, the studio made international headlines in 2019 when news broke that a fire had overtaken its Studio 1. The studio was targeted by a disgruntled fan who entered Studio 1 with gasoline and spread it about before igniting the fuel. In total, 36 people died while 34 were injured including the suspect. The arsonist was arrested shortly after responders made it to Studio 1 and were able to formally indict Shinji Aoba in December 2020 following a lengthy hospital stay.