League of Legends Anime Reportedly In Development

League of Legends remains one of the biggest video games in the world, and its fanbase is loyal to a fault. The online game has brought together millions upon millions of gamers worldwide, and its lore has become a rather complicated one. Of course, fans have wanted to explore those stories through different venues, and it turns out Riot Games may be doing something about the requests.

Today, Riot Games is set to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and the event has been on the calendars of fans for awhile now. Hype for the anniversary is high, and plenty of fans have speculated what might come from the announcement. Now, one esports insider has revealed what they know about the hush-hush event, and they are reporting a League of Legends anime is in the works.

According to Rod Breslau, Riot Games is looking to make several large announcements at its anniversary event. One of them involves an anime which is set in the League of Legends universe, and it comes shortly after Riot Games released anime-inspired trailers for the game.

"Riot Games is also developing an ANIME set in the world of League of Legends, also to be announced today at their 10th anniversary event, sources tell me," Breslau writes.


So far, no official word has been given on such a report, so fans will have to wait and see what is announced by Riot Games later today. Still, fans are very hopeful such a project is in the works. Not only would an anime set in the League of Legends word give fans a chance to explore the universe's lore, but it would lift up its story arcs and original characters. In the past, prime studios like PA Works have worked on League of Legends trailers, so there is little doubt the anime would look good. And if Riot Games plays its cards right, this series could become a juggernaut that reinvigorates the League of Legends game for years to come. After all, the company is working on a comic series with Marvel to bolster its franchise, and League of Legends fans aren't afraid to welcome an anime into their fold too!

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