The Legend of Zelda Manga Just Became Way Easier to Read

The Legend of Zelda is enjoying a peak nowadays thanks to the hit release of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. The holiday title has given fans the chance to revisit the Hyrule found in Breath of the Wild, the hit Nintendo game to last tackle the franchise's main timeline. Of course, this all means Link is enjoying this holiday season, and one gift from Viz Media is here to give your local Legend of Zelda fan the perfect treat.

If you did not know, The Legend of Zelda franchise extends beyond video games. Barring the atrocious animated series decades ago, Link has embraced life as a manga protagonist. The artist Akira Himekawa has been penning manga inspired by The Legend of Zelda for years now, and it has become easier than ever to binge the books thanks to a new box set.

Recently, Viz Media put out its legendary box set of The Legend of Zelda manga. This collector's edition bundle includes all of the manga trades the Himekawa introduced Link in. A total of five books are included in this bundle, and each Legendary Edition trade contains ten-volumes of Himekawa's original manga.

So yes, you did read that right. This bundle packs fifty volumes into five gorgeous books. What's more important is that the books come housed in a treasure chest designed by Shawn Carrico. This carrying case looks just like a chest Link would uncover in a video game, and it even plays a familiar jingle from Legend of Zelda when you open up the box up.

the legend of zelda manga IMG_5566

After getting my hands on this bundle awhile back, I can say its quality and convenience are superb. It is hard to imagine the trouble fans go through to collect all the individual volumes from Himekawa's different series. This gorgeous bundle brings all of the Legend of Zelda into one place for readers, so it makes the perfect holiday gift for gamers who have enough Hylian memorabilia as is.

You can find this Legend of Zelda bundle online through numerous retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Mllion, and more. Do you think you'll add this Legend of Zelda box set to your wish list this holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.