Lupin The 3rd: The First Licensed for the U.S.

Lupin The 3rd has been one of the longest running anime franchises around, following the Gentleman Thief and his crew as they attempt to pull off bigger and badder heists, and it looks like the most recent film in the series is coming to the US! The latest film in the anime series has Lupin and friends taking on a new challenge while using jaw dropping computer generated animation that rivals even the likes of Pixar. With the company of GKIDs bringing this film to North America, the film is definitely in good hands for eventually hitting theaters and/or home video!

GKIDs, for those who might not know, are responsible for bringing the likes of Your Name, Weathering With You, Promare, and Ride The Wave to North America, with each hitting theaters throughout the Western hemisphere as a result. With the announcement that Lupin The 3rd The First will finally be making its way to North America, the critically acclaimed movie can finally be witnessed by eager fans of the Gentleman Thief! The film itself was released late last year hit theaters and Japan and nearly all the critics and audiences that saw it fell in love.

GKIDs shared the news of bringing the animated feature length film in the world of Lupin The 3rd and we'll certainly be keeping an ear to the ground when we hear of any details about the film's arrival in North America to anime fans waiting to venture back into this heist filled universe:


The film itself revolves around our usual cast of idiosyncratic characters attempting to steal an artifact that not even Lupin's ancestors could steal. Lupin The 3rd, of course, comes from a long line of thieves and he has certainly attempted to be successful in the family business. Toho Studios has really knocked the animation for this film out of the park, amazingly taking these anime characters and fluidly bringing them into the modern age thanks to computer graphics. Needless to say, the movie should hit North America big whenever it debuts!

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