Made In Abyss Announces Special Mini-Series

Made In Abyss has one of the most interesting 'hooks' of an anime series in recent memory. When a [...]

Made In Abyss has one of the most interesting "hooks" of an anime series in recent memory. When a young girl loses her mother in an alternate reality from our own, she must travel into the "Abyss", a descent that ventures into numerous worlds beneath her own. With each "level" of the deadly terrain, the journey becomes more and more difficult, proving certain doom for a number of travelers attempting to explore the unknown. Following the conclusion of the first season of the anime, a new mini-series will take us back into the fantasy world prior to the feature length release of the franchise in Made In Abyss: Dawn Of The Deep Soul!

Crunchyroll shared the news that Made In Abyss: Marulk's Everday will be a four episode min-series, documenting the adventures of the supporting character of Marulk, a young "whistle delver" that lives within the bowels of the Abyss and crossed path with the series' two protagonists, Riko and Reg!

Ironically enough, when the feature length film was first announced, Kinema Citrus had stated that the Dawn Of The Deep Soul would be replaced by Marulk's Everyday. Fans first believed that the project itself was an April Fool's Day joke, and while the total replacement was, it seems as if the story of the young man living in the Abyss is in fact real. Acting as a nice refresher course to the series, we'll have to wait until early next year to see where this new side story in the Made In Abyss franchise goes.

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Akihiko Tsukushi's Made in Abyss was first published online in Takeshobo's Web Comic Ganma in 2012, and has since been collected into six volumes. The series was adapted into an anime by Kinema Citrus, and you can find the Japanese language broadcast with English subtitles on HIDIVE, which was formerly gated behind Amazon's now-defunct Anime Strike service. Sentai Filmworks officially describes the series as such:

"The enigmatic Abyss is an unforgiving and deadly place. Despite the dangers, it still captures the imagination of explorers such as Riko who wishes to follow in her mother's footsteps and trains hard to become a Cave Raider. One day, she receives news that her mother died in the Abyss, yet a mysterious note tells Riko that her mother may still be alive. Vowing to uncover the truth about her mother's fate, Riko embarks on a journey with a humanoid robot boy name Reg. Together, they will discover if they have what it takes to survive where so many others have perished."

Via Crunchyroll