Magic: The Gathering Is Getting a Special Anime From WIT Studio

If you are a fan of trading cards, there is a pretty great chance you know Magic: The Gathering. The TCG has been operating for decades, and it has amassed a giant collection of cards with the lore to match. As Magic has grown, more fans are eager to explore its history than ever before, so WIT Studio is coming in clutch with its anime adaptation of the franchise.

The update went live from Magic: The Gathering's official Twitter. It was there fans learned the franchise is pushing ahead with a set of OVAs. The first, Kamigawa: Shining World, will be going live in just a few days.

As you can see here, the first episode is slated to debut on February 16. It will premiere on YouTube around noon in Japan, and it will include plenty of goodies from its crew. After all, WIT Studio is animating the OVA with Maxilla, so you know the animation is going to look gorgeous.

These animated specials are the first to tackle Magic: The Gathering, but they will not be the last. Netflix is pursuing its own anime focused on the TCG. Later this year, Magic: The Gathering will star Brandon Routh as Gideon Jura, a planeswalker and hieromancer who fans of MTG lore will know well.

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Currently, Netflix's series is in production and the streaming service has shared some concept art of its characters. Some pieces have been released of Ravnica and Golgari have also been shared, so fans have an idea of how this full series will look. And soon, WIT Studio will bring its vision of Magic: The Gathering's card game to life.

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