‘Gundam’ Artist Combines Mecha Manga With Marvel

Anime is known for its mecha, but there are comic book icons who do the genre proud. Heroes like [...]

Anime is known for its mecha, but there are comic book icons who do the genre proud. Heroes like Iron Man are one-man mecha machines, but Naoto Tsushima is not too concerned with the billionaire playboy. After all, it seems like the Gundam and Transformers artist has a thing for Spider Gwen.

Over on Twitter, Tsushima shared a recent sketch of his which combines the Marvel heroine with his mecha-loving hobbies. As you can see below, the manga artist posted a picture he did of Spider Gwen hanging out with what appears to be a webbed Autobot. However, some Marvel fans will recognize the mecha has an actual character from the Marvel Universe.

No, really - It's not a Transformer. It is actually Leopardon.

If you are not familiar with the massive robot, then you should know Spider-Man once used the mecha to defeat his foes. The robot is known as Leopardon or Marveller by some, and it was created by Koichi Takemoto and Shozo Uehara. The mecha hails from Earth-51778. If you hadn't guessed already, the robot was created exclusively for Japan's own Spider-Man TV series from way back in the day, but it seems the mecha's legacy still lives on.

Leopardon may not be a well-known part of Spider-Man's whacky history, but Tsushima is clearly a fan. The artist is known for loving all things mecha, so it makes since Tsushima would pair the Marvel robot with one of the company's most popular heroines as of late. Spider Gwen may not be familiar with Leopardon in the canon, but that doesn't mean fans cannot dream about how the pair would work together.

If you want to check out more of Tsushima's work, then you will have to turn you eyes to manga series like Transformers. The artist is best-known for working on projects like SD Gundam, Robomasters, and various Transformers series.