Masters of the Universe: Revelation Trailer Introduces Savage He-Man

One of the biggest questions that was left by the first half of the premiere season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation was the fate of Prince Adam, the wielder of the power of Castle Grayskull who would become the hero dubbed He-Man. Returning from the dead in the introductory episode, Adam returned to Eternia but was then run-through by Skeletor in a sneak attack that left many wondering if the Prince was now deceased, though it seems that not only is he alive and kicking in the new trailer, he has gained a wild new transformation.

Savage He-Man was described by Producer and legendary director Kevin Smith in his podcast, Fatman Beyond, in which the creator describes the new form:

"The idea of Savage He-Man is what happens if Adam calls down the power without the sword as a conduit, as something that governs who he becomes. At one point in the show, he calls down the power without the sword and becomes the Savage He-Man. Its based on the first incarnation, the very first drawing of He-Man where he had a battle-ax in his hand and was much more of a barbarian."

Savage He-Man is revealed in the latest trailer for the second half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, with Adam himself explaining how he is able to achieve this amazing new power that might seem a bit uncontrollable considering the appearance of this new take on Eternia's champion:

On top of this big change to Adam, it seems as though Teela will be looking to become the new sorceress, seemingly competing for the title against Evil-Lynn who has now taken on more power under the bidding of Skeletor's powered-up form, Skelegod. With evil having quite the upper hand on the forces of Eternia, it seems as though a final showdown is in the works for this second half.

The future of Revelation following this second half is anyone's guess, as the creators behind the series have been tight-lipped as to whether or not they'll be returning to the world of Castle Grayskull for more adventures. With Netflix also airing the new kid-friendly version of the story in He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, perhaps that iteration will be carrying the torch. 

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