Michael B. Jordan Reveals His 'Gundam' Roots, Favorite 'Bleach' Villain, and More

Anime might have once been a niche interest, but the industry is anything but these days. As animation continues to find worldwide audiences, Japan’s exports are booming, and one of Hollywood’s rising stars is opening up about all his anime interests.

Recently, Rooster Teeth set out the first two episodes of gen: LOCK, the company’s latest anime-inspired show. The title stars Michael B. Jordan who fans will know from Black Panther and Creed to name a couple. Recently, the star sat down with Gray Haddock of Rooster Teeth to talk anime (via Buzzfeed), and it was there Jordan revealed his first experience with the medium.

“I remember being in church one Sunday, and we had this one big TV downstairs in the all-purpose room. We would all fight for stations to watch something after service, and Dragon Ball was on faithfully. That was my first introduction to Dragon Ball Z,” the actor said.

Continuing, Jordan went on to answer a major question with Dragon Ball fans. When asked who would win between Goku and Vegeta, the actor admitted the former would win in the end.

“Goku. First of all, Vegeta — his ego and pride, it would eat him up. Ultimately, Goku just doesn’t know how to quit.”

As the interview goes on, Haddock and Jordan share their love of Gundam with one another. The actor said he was raised more so on Gundam Wing than anything else, but his favorite anime villain doesn’t come from the mecha. Instead, that honor belongs to everyone’s favorite series about soul reapers.

“[They are] from Bleach, Arrancar number four,” Jordan said after being asked about his favorite anime villain.

“He’s my guy because first, four is my favorite number. When Ichigo was fighting all the Arrancar and they got to him — when he transformed into this winged beast — I remember this fight and the first time Ichigo let his Hollow side really take over and he went on a rampage. I remember that battle being super epic.”

Now, Jordan has gotten the opportunity to take part in an anime of his own. As the star of gen:LOCK, the actor is leading up an all-star cast and taking them into the epic world of animated mecha. So, if you want to learn more about the Rooster Teeth original, you can check out its synopsis below:


"In gen:LOCK, Earth’s last free society is on the losing side of a global war, and recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next generation of mecha—giant, weaponized robot bodies. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost. As Chase leaves behind his life as a fighter pilot to become the first candidate for the program, he finds his endurance, as well as his very identity, will be tested beyond anything he ever imagined."

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