Michael Lindsay, the Voice of Kankuro and Urahara, Has Passed Away

Today, the anime fandom is coming together to mourn one of their own. New reports have surfaced revealing Michael Lindsay, a well-known anime voice actor, has passed away at the age of 56.

Over on social media, fans began posting tributes to Lindsay after news of his sudden passing went live. Fellow voice actors like Marissa Lenti shared their own memorials as fans remembered Lindsay's best works within the community.

Born in May 1963, Lindsay began working as an actor professionally in 1979. He worked on a slew of anime titles over the decades from Akira to Code Geass and Zatch Bell. However, fans will best recognize Lindsay for his work on Naruto, Digimon, and Bleach.

Lindsay was the voice of Kankuro in Naruto before continuing work with the character in Naruto: Shippuden. As for Bleach, the voice actor brought Kisuke Urahara to life, and his tenure on Digimon saw Lindsay tackle Joe Kido and Greymon.

In the past few years, Lindsay has been absent from the anime community following his decision to retire in 2012. Most of the actor's roles were recast to Doug Erholtz, but Lindsay kept a special place with fans thanks to his founding work on several major anime dubs.


Our thoughts and condolences are with the actor's loved ones at this time.