'Mob Psycho 100' Live-Action Series Shares First-Look Stills

2017 has been a big year for live-action anime, but 2018 isn’t going to let fans down. Projects like Bleach are set to debut next year along with Mob Psycho 100. Now, fans can get their first-look at the adaptation, and it’ll be up for you to decide how the drama looks.

Over on Twitter, the official account for Mob Psycho 100 shared a couple stills from the upcoming adaptation. Two photos were shared that show Teruki Hanazawa and Ritsu Kageyama. The former is seen standing in his school uniform with his hand outstretch while Ritsu looks more subdued. The younger brother of Mob is shown wearing his uniform as he looks over his shoulder.

Hanazawa will be brought to life by Arai Atsushi. The actor did a short interview about the role for its website, and it was there Atsushi said he laughed a lot reading Mob Psycho 100.

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(Photo: TV Tokyo )
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(Photo: TV Tokyo )

“There are pressures that come with playing Hanazawa,” the actor said. “We are boldly challenging them while enjoying the job.”

As for Ritsu, the character is played by Kazu Mochizuki. The younger actor said he has also had fun on set, but he tends to overthink his role.

“In my mind, I wonder, ‘How will I play Ritsu who has so many thoughts?’ I struggle daily. It is fun every day on set where laughter is going on all day. I think that I am growing thanks to such a wonderful place. You can count on me!”

If you are not familiar with Mob Psycho 100, then you can still catch up on the supernatural series. The story was crafted by One, a webcomic artist best-known for creating One Punch Man. The comic started in April 2012, and Bones adapted part of its into an anime series in July 2016.


Mob Psycho 100 tells the story of Seigeo Kageyama, an eighth grader with Esper ability. The psychic tries his best to not stand out, but his powers often rope him into increasingly dangerous situations. Kageyama’s powers grow more powerful as the years pass, so he buckles down his emotions to keep a lid on his powers. However, as more threats continue to pursue Kageyama, the boy learns how difficult it is to keep his emotions under lock - but the fate of the world depends on him keeping a straight face.

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