Mobile Suit Gundam Writer Reveals A Super-Secret Easter Egg

Mobile Suit Gundam reigns as one of the most popular anime series to ever go live, and millions of fans have pledged loyalty to its story. Thanks to creator Tomino Toshiyuki, mecha has become inseparable from anime's sci-fi genre, and his work has inspired untold amounts of people worldwide. It's little surprise people try to find out new details about Mobile Suit Gundam even today, and it seems one fact has surfaced thanks to a special anime insider.

Over on social media, a fan known as JayC-Hoster got everyone excited when they shared a new tidbit about the anime. The fan watched a documentary on Mobile Suit Gundam which NHK made in Japan, and it was there script writer Kenichi Matsuzaki opened up about the creation of Tominovsky particles.

"Tomino liked the idea [of them] so much I named them Tominovsky particles," Matsuzaki explained. "Then we cut off the 'to' to make it sound like more Russian."

An Easter egg dating all the way back to 0079 from r/Gundam

As pointed out by the fan, this reveal connected Tomino to the Tominovsky particles which helped establish the technology used in Mobile Suit Gundam. The creator's name also seems to have been used as a basis for Torenov Y. Minovsky. The scientist, who first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, is said to be the person who discovered the Minovsky particle. He worked with Zeon to expand his education, but he lost his life in an attempt to flee to the Earth Federation with all of his work in tow. A little bit of rearrangement will turn Torenov Y. Minovsky into Tomino, and lots of fans are admitting they never put this subtle easter egg together.

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Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and that popularity is only expected to grow as Sunrise continues to release new projects for the franchise. This includes new anime based in the original Universal Century storyline, which will next see a film trilogy based on the Hathaway's Flash novels, a returning anime for its SD Gundam spin-offs, and even a brand new live-action movie coming to the West co-produced by Legendary, a studio who is currently in the midst of bringing a new take on Toho's Godzilla franchise to the screen.