'Gundam' Live-Action Film Taps Writer Brian K. Vaughan

It looks like Legendary Entertainment is ready to hit up another mecha title. After working on titles like Pacific Rim, the studio is picking up Mobile Suit Gundam for a spin, and it has tapped a writer with Brian K. Vaughan.

According to reports by Deadline, Vaughan has been brought on to oversee the film's script. He will also work on the film as executive producer with Sunrise, the parent company responsible for the mecha franchise.

For those unfamiliar with Vaughan, the writer is best-known for his work on comic books. He has brought some of the industry's most innovative titles to life like Ex Machina, Runaways, Saga, and Paper Girls. From Marvel to Image and more, Vaughan has penned stories for some of the comic world's biggest publishers, and he has previous experience with Hollywood. Not only did Vaughan work on multiple episodes of LOST, but he helped produce two episodes of Marvel's The Runaways.

So far, there is no word on what this Gundam project will center on, but fans are hoping to get details on the project before the year is up. After all, next month will mark the 40th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, the original anime that launched the mecha title. Created in 1979, director Yoshiyuki Tomino saw the title enjoy fairly mediocre success, but a growing cult fanbase helped launch Gundam to a status rarely seen within the entertainment industry. The series has grossed billions of dollars between film, television, merchandise, and more.

While Sunrise works with Legendary Entertainment on a live-action feature, Gundam is continuing its usual work within the anime sphere. Not long ago, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative hit up theaters in Japan before screening for a limited time in the United States. Sunrise is planning a new film series to honor its 40th anniversary, and it seems this Vaughan-led adaptation will only add to the Gundam collective.

So, are you excited for this big-screen move? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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