My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 6 Recap With Spoilers

Here's everything important that went down in My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 6!

My Adventures with Superman crossed over the halfway point of Season 2, and with it has sparked the true climax for the season to come with the newest episode! My Adventures with Superman Season 2 began with Clark learning that he was not the only surviving Kryptonian, and that his cousin Kara Zor-El was somewhere out there for him to get in touch with. Deciding to do so when he was at his lowest point, Clark was hoping to talk with someone who could understand just how lonely he felt on Earth. But his meeting with Kara didn't go quite as expected. 

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 5 saw Kara come to Earth, and it was soon revealed that she was hoping she'd meet with a different Clark. Disappointed in the fact that he is no longer trying to conquer planets to bring back the Kryptonian Empire, she and Clark ending up fighting. Kara won, and her father ordered her to bring Clark to him. But as My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 6 quickly reveals, it's going to be a lot more complicated for Kara going forward. Here's a breakdown of everything important that went down in the latest episode. 

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My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 6 Recap with Spoilers

  • Clark awakens to discover that Kara has brought him into outer space, and he's nowhere near Earth. Kara once again reveals that she wants to build a new empire together to be his real home. Refusing to conquer Earth, Kara wants to get through to Clark by wanting him to meet her father and show him what they've built together in the name of Krypton thus far. Using a thought projector device that records members, Kara shows Clark Krypton before it was destroyed. It was advanced, and brought other planets into the fold. Kara's happily showing Clark some of the stuff she loved to do, but fights back against the idea that she's just lonely. 
  • Clark tries to tell Kara about the new home he's made on Earth, and uses the thought projector to show a bit of his past. Playing catch with Pa Kent, Kara only sees the moment as the humans trying to get Clark to weaken his strength and hide his true self rather than the moment of loving family time that it really was. Asking if anyone actually cared about the real him, Clark briefly thinks about Lois and brushes off their recent break up. Upon finding Kara's secret stash of items, Clark finds out Kara not only met Jimmy but might have a crush on him too. 
  • Kara's kept mementos of planets she's been to, but is hiding them from her father because he only wants her to be a proper warrior of the empire. Clark then asks to see what a planet in this empire actually looks like, and Kara decides to take him to Thanagar. Seeing this, her "father" sends out an army of robots to intercept them. Needing to clear out an asteroid field on the way, Clark and Kara head out into space. It's here Kara teaches Clark that as a Kryptonian he can breathe in space, and the two of them playfully bond by allowing each other to show off more of their respective strength. 
  • When a huge asteroid comes and hits Kara, Clark reaches a new level by glowing with an electric energy and punches through it as it impresses Kara as she can't become stronger in that same manner. Reaching Thanagar, Kara and Clark see that the planet has been completely destroyed. Kara's shocked to see it in such a state, and something starts to take over her before Clark snaps her out of it. She seems just as surprised to find out that the people and cities are no longer there, and her memories are scrambled. She knows something's wrong, but soon enough her "father's" machines find them. 
  • Heading to the main ship, it's revealed that Kara's Father is actually Primus Brainiac. Clark's surprised to see that it's not Kara's actual father Zor-El, and it's immediately apparent that things are going south quickly. Brainiac explains that it was once Krypton's artificial intelligence in every facet of the empire's technology, and is now basically the only thing left from it. Brainiac then wants to show Clark the kind of Empire he wants to make (and eases Clark by revealing it knew his father and mother), and Clark touches Brainiac's hand. 
  • Clark then finds himself awakened in a new room with three aliens in front of him. Brainiac explains that with a mind scan of Kryptonian consciousness, he's essentially brought fighters from the Empire's worlds to life through holograms. These include an alien with Green Lantern powers, one of Darkseid's Parademons, and a Thanagarian warrior. Each of them fought back against the Empire, but now their pain is being used to train Krypton's new warriors. Unfortunately, Clark has to fight and eventually defeats them all. 
  • Clark discovers that Brainiac destroyed Thanagar, but Brainiac still thinks he doesn't understand. He doesn't want Clark's mind anyway, but wants his body. Clark eventually charges himself with even more electricity, and Brainiac is impressed to see this form in action. He's been waiting to use him as a weapon to bring back the empire. He wants to create a better version of it, however, one that he's perfected beyond Jor-El's original ambition. Pinning him down, Clark is defeated. 
  • When Kara finally gets to the room to find out what's happening, Brainiac chastises her and gets her to think she's making so many mistakes that it's dishonoring the memory of all those in Krypton who died. She just wants to know what's really happening, but Brainiac brainwashes her to get her to comply. She's lost her memories of everything that happened, and when Kara awakens Brainiac instead tells her she did good in bringing Clark home and they're now going to be model citizens of the empire. 
  • But after, Kara starts to have flashes of memories revealing what really happened. She heads to the planets she's been to and finds out that they've all been destroyed. Back at Thanagar, she sees a mural on a wall that had been hidden to her before thanks to a block on her brain. It's revealed to be an image of her bringing destruction to the planet. Suddenly remembering, Kara sees herself (while brainwashed) easily destroying these planets to the echoes of many screams. 
  • Flying off in terror and hurt, she's suddenly bumped into by a ship flying through a wormhole. It's revealed to be piloted by Jimmy, Lois, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain as the episode comes to an end.