'My Hero Academia' Gives Izuku A New Way To Use One For All

My Hero Academia is more popular than ever, and its lead hero continues to power up as it goes on. [...]

My Hero Academia is more popular than ever, and its lead hero continues to power up as it goes on. The series is nearly 200 chapters in, but the manga has yet to give Izuku Midoriya a foolproof way to use One For All. The boy may be able to use a full cowl, but he struggles to channel the Quirk he was given by All Might.

However, Izuku may have just found a new way to channel the immense power, and all it took was Hatsume's help. So, spoilers below!

A brand-new chapter of My Hero Academia hit shelves in the latest issue of My Hero Academia. The update saw Izuku hit a slump after his classmates demoted him from their school's cultural festival project. To make up for the slight, Izuku got back to training with All Might, and it was there fans learned about his work with Hatsume and her support-centric toys.

Chapter 175 shows Hatsume barge in on Izuku while he trains with All Might. "The project we've been discussing! I've come to deliver them now that they're ready for use," she tells the young hero.

As it turns out, All Might's previous admission to using support equipment inspired Izuku. The pro hero told his protege they created armor that could handle 20-30% of his power, and Izuku hasn't even hit that level of One For All. The reinforced gloves which Hatsume made can help Izuku better channel the power percentage he can use, and All Might had to admit he was impressed with how compact the kid's armor.

"I designed it so that it wouldn't clash with your costume," Izuku reassured All Might. With his gloves in hand, the boy was able to start training, but the manga switched scene before readers could get a look at the items in action. For now, fans are in the dark about the support aids, but they are eager to see how they work. So, here's to hoping Izuku gets to pull the gloves on when he meets his next villain.

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