My Hero Academia Cuts Deep with Its New Position on Pro Heroes

My Hero Academia has seen its heroes enter what may be their darkest era yet. After the bloody Paranormal Liberation War arc, the Pro Hero world has been left in shambles. The top two heroes Endeavor and Hawks have both been disgraced by the reveal that they each have big villainous connections in their past, while the top ranks of pro heroes have been left thin after so many deaths, injuries, and desertions. As My Hero Academia enters its supposed final arc, the time-skip after the war has revealed a dark new world order in which the entire concept of a hero seems to be over.

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 307 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga picks up after the time skip, with an unexpected set of characters: Ketsubutsu High School students Yo Shindo (Grand) and Tatami Nakagame (Turtle Neck). Yo and Tatami are on assignment in the city, in pursuit of one of All For One's escaped convicts who was supposedly in the area. However, when Yo and Tatami attempt to reassure some of the local residents and offer guidance, they find out the hard way that everyday citizens no longer believe that heroes are their saviors.

In fact, local residents have become so jaded about the concept of heroes and the rules for the society around them that they've resorted to forming their own local militias to protect their respective neighborhoods. The militia leaders are more horrified than assured when they realize that pro heroes have resorted to using school kids to fill out their own ranks.

My Hero Academia 307 Spoilers Public Hates Pro Heroes
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The Ketsubutsu High kids try to push the current hero/law enforcement plan to pack endangered citizens into protective shelters - but the militia isn't having it. The leader asks what the plan is when everyone is crammed in together, and how kids plan to stop hardened and experienced villains. More so that that, this militia leader then acts as the mouthpiece for how society in general now views pro heroes:

"Our eyes are wide now," the militia leader says, "A man's gotta protect his hometown! We ain't putting our lives in anyone else's hands!... We don't got faith in heroes. Only ourselves... Our Days of relying on heroes are over."


Indeed, the pro hero system is teetering on the brink - but that may be just the kind of new world order in which Deku has room to rise to the stature of the new Symbol Of Peace and the greatest pro hero in the world.

My Hero Academia posts new manga chapters weekly online. Season 5 of the anime is now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.