My Hero Academia: Is It Time for Aizawa to Retire?

My Hero Academia has hit fans where it hurts, and they are feeling the pain. While the anime prepares its fifth season behind the scenes, the manga is louder than ever thanks to a new arc. The story has put the Pro Heroes in the direst of circumstances, and after a recent update, it seems the time has come for Aizawa to retire.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for My Hero Academia's raid arc! Proceed with caution.

For fans who checked in on chapter 283, they will know Aizawa is in bad shape. The underground hero prides himself on being nimble, but no amount of power could have kept him from Shigaraki. The villain has inherited All For One, and despite him not being at his full limit, Shigaraki has caused mass chaos.

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An entire city is in complete ruins. Hundreds of civilians are likely dead. Dozens of pro heroes have been killed in action. Dozens of more heroes have been critically wounded. And in his last blow, Shigaraki forced Aizawa to amputee a leg before the baddie gouged at the hero's eyes.

My Hero Academia's latest chapter shows how bad Aizawa is as his comrades try to help him. The only material they have available is Aizawa's capture scarf, but a simple tourniquet will not save his life. And while fans feel confident Aizawa will pull through these injuries alive, the character is far too important to risk again.

My Hero Academia has little choice but to retire Aizawa from the frontlines, and it might be forever. It will take time for his physical wounds to heal, but the mental scars are another thing entirely. This raid is unlike anything pro heroes have dealt with in decades, and All Might isn't around to make things better.


If society wants any chance at beating Shigaraki, it needs Aizawa around. His mentorship of Izuku is priceless as is his quirk. Even if the hero keeps one or both of his eyes, Aizawa can still help turn the tides in the final battle. This obviously complicates things for any fights held in the interim, and Aizawa may very well get to a point where he can head back into battle. His newfound disabilities don't prevent him from being a top hero, but as fans have seen, they will force the teacher to completely change his way of fighting. And in the face of war, Aizawa should consider retiring and allow himself the time to cope with his handicaps.

Do you think it is time for Aizawa to retire? Or should My Hero Academia find a way to restore the underground hero? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.