My Hero Academia's Botched Raid Has Taken a Massive Toll

My Hero Academia isn't afraid to get dark, and it has proved as much with its most recent chapter. [...]

My Hero Academia isn't afraid to get dark, and it has proved as much with its most recent chapter. The series has grown progressively darker since the Pro Heroes began their raid against the villains in Jaku City. Of course, that has turned into an all-out bloodbath because of Shigaraki, and the manga is finally delving into the consequences of the ambush's failure.

The topic was briefly hinted at in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The update checked in on the pro heroes as Shigaraki renewed his energy for a comeback, and Gigantomachia is free yet again. The two are happy to cause as much damage as possible should it mean promoting their goals. And as you can imagine, that doesn't bode well for civilians and their heroes.

So far, the raid has taken a lot out of pro heroes, and it has taken more than a few of their lives. When Shigaraki tapped into his newfound Decay powers, he managed to obliterate what seemed to be hundreds of heroes. Some top-ranked pros were killed in the raid, and Aizawa barely made it out alive. The same couldn't be said for Twice as the villain was slain by Hawks, but the pro hero was burnt to a near crisp by Dabi in turn.

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After much of the city was obliterated by Shigaraki, fans learned more heroes were in danger thanks to Gigantomachia and the rest of the villain's army. Midnight's status is still uncertain, and heroes like Mt. Lady were also tossed around in battle. Nowadays, fans are focused on the apparent death of Gran Torino who took a blade to the gut a la Shigaraki, and Aizawa was forced to amputate a leg after being shot with an eraser bullet.

Clearly, the raid has become a large enough conflict to start a war, and that seems unavoidable for My Hero Academia. Class 1 has experienced violence like never before in this arc, and with Gigantomachia threatening to trample 19 major cities, the raid's death toll is about to rise exponentially in the near future.

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