My Hero Academia Releases New Fantasy AU Poster

My Hero Academia has a bunch of clout riding ahead of its season five debut. If you did not know, [...]

My Hero Academia has a bunch of clout riding ahead of its season five debut. If you did not know, the anime is set to make a comeback this week with season five, and fans are hyped for the big comeback. Of course, the series is doing what it can to celebrate, and that includes putting out a fair bit of art. And of course, the show's team put out a giant poster honoring the best My Hero Academia AU out there.

As you can see below, the artwork went live this past week, and it has plenty of goodies to enjoy. For the first time, some of the best heroes who never made it into the AU have been included here. Hawks and Best Jeanist are shown in full costume here, and we've got our best look at All Might yet.

Of course, Izuku is front and center in his rogue outfit, and the sword he's wielding would make Cloud jealous. The hero has a buster sword that looks keen on slicing foes, and he's not the only one armed to the teeth. After all, Kirishima is dual-wielding in this poster, and Bakugo looks ready to pull his sword out.

There are several other My Hero Academia characters to note as we can see Endeavor standing with flames out of his face. All Might looks mysterious with a face mask which is both stylish and pandemic-era appropriate. And in the most ironic twist yet, the most sensible outfit in this poster belongs to Best Jeanist. Maybe he knows something new about the fashion scene, but Best Jeanist blends into this crowd despite his love of haute couture.

As you can imagine, My Hero Academia fans are loving this look, and it brings the fantasy AU to life once more. The comeback has started conversations anew of whether a spin-off should tackle this universe in a manga one-shot or OVA. And judging by this poster's response, it seems such a project would be more than welcome.

What do you make of this fantastical artwork? Does this My Hero Academia poster have you vying for a spin-off? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.