My Hero Academia Flashback Features Endeavor's Devastating Training For Shoto

My Hero Academia's fifth season might currently be focusing on the "Civil War" within the ranks of UA Academy, but the latest episode of the anime took a brief opportunity to explore the career of Endeavor as the current number one hero and how his training regiment for his son, Shoto Todoroki, was beyond brutal. In an attempt to make sure that his son would be the next great hero, Endeavor practically tortured his son, attempting to harness the unbelievable Quirk that allows Shoto to harness both fire and ice to create quite the force for good.

Currently, Endeavor isn't having many problems when it comes to having complete control over his flame-based abilities, but the "Symbol of Peace" part of his job is still causing him some serious problems. While he attempts to reconnect with his son and find redemption for the vicious training he put him through, Endeavor is attempting to endear himself to the society he protects and even took the opportunity during a recent chase to ask whether some nearby children were all right. With the kids ok and the villain captured, Endeavor attempts to make contact with his son via his cell phone while not realizing that Shoto is about to dive into battle within the Joint Training Exercise.

My Hero Academia Endeavor
(Photo: Studio Bones)

As we see during the flashback segment, Endeavor is holding no punches when it comes to putting Shoto through rigorous training as a toddler, even going so far as to mention Toya, his eldest son who died as a result of the number one hero's insane training regiment. Demanding that his son push himself to his limit, burning hotter and brighter than ever before, it's clear that Endeavor went too far when it came to training his son to become one of the greatest heroes for the next generation.

Earlier in the fifth season, we witnessed Endeavor coming into contact with Dabi, who will definitely have more of a spotlight following the conclusion of this latest arc. With the villain having powers similar to both Endeavor and Shoto, it's clear that his role in the franchise is only set to grow as the anime series continues.

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