My Hero Academia Fan Creates Coronavirus PSA with a Special Pro Hero

My Hero Academia knows a thing or two about public health and safety. Many of its heroes are versed in first aid given their dangerous jobs, and then there are heroes like Recovery Girl who deals with illness daily. These heroes are prepared to tackle most anything thrown at them, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic would make them pause. That is why fans of My Hero Academia have created their own Pro Hero to get them through this ordeal.

Over on Twitter, the user Miconomicon shared their own Pro Hero they made for the My Hero Academia universe. This hero wanted to give everyone a quick update on dealing with the new coronavirus as well as COVID-19.

"Don't hoard and use alcohol to clean surfaces," the heroine shares. "Better use bleach diluted in water."

Some words from my OC from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Of course, this heroine is giving solid advice in the time of a global emergency. As coronavirus continues to spread, the public is snatching up resources to protect their loved ones. This means there is a global shortage of hand sanitizer, face masks, medical gloves, and even toilet paper. That is why the heroine Vaxxene wants everyone to be rational in the face of a pandemic.

Of course, fans online have taken to Vaxxene and adopted her as their model for this pandemic. Many have wanted more info on the OC, and it turns out she is called Vaxxene because she is the Vaccine Hero.

"Her body can create vaccine against any pathogen that has infected her body. She can recover extremely and gain immunity fast from the disease but will experience the symptoms in much greater strength. She expel the vaccines from the sterile needles on her finger tips," the creator wrote.

"She can produce vaccines, she can also alter and produce viruses to infect others if she wants to. Her vaccines can also work on quirk base diseases or status effects."


Clearly, this is the kind of hero we would all like to have now, and we have versions of her in real life. There are doctors around the globe doing research on the novel coronavirus at all times to find a cure and a lead on vaccines. So while the My Hero Academia universe has Vaxxene, we have our own heroes.

How are you dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? Is it time you tried binging My Hero Academia from the start? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!