My Hero Academia Art Imagines an Avengers Crossover Arc

My Hero Academia is far and away the most popular anime series that is currently focused on the exploits of superheroes and the battles they fight, but they have yet to have an alternate reality crossover with some of the biggest and baddest crime fighters the world has ever seen, with one fan artist deciding to take matters into their own hands by bringing Class 1-A in front of the Avengers. With the fifth season of the series set to land later this month, which will pit the heroes of 1-A against 1-B, 2021 will be a big year for UA Academy.

In a straight one on one fight between the heroes of Class 1-A and the Avengers, we would more than likely have to imagine that Marvel's premiere superhero team would take the victory, having years of experience over the fresh students of UA Academy. Though if you were to add some of the teachers at the crime-fighting school into the mix, it could definitely be anyone's game as the likes of All Might, Eraserhead, Midnight, and the other highly trained heroes might be able to put a crack into the armor of the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and so many other Marvel characters that have been in the roster for decades.

Reddit Artist Mitchell Marrker shared these brand new "internships" in the universe of UA Academy, pitting the likes of Midoriya, Froppy, Shoto Todorki, and Bakugo alongside the likes of Captain American, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Ghost Rider to name a few:

BNHA X Avengers [Hero Internships] from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

While a crossover between Marvel and My Hero Academia might seem like a pipe dream to many, the Avengers have had an official crossover with the Titans of Attack On Titan, in a brief comic that saw Marvel's heroes facing off with Hajime Isayama's most terrifying creations. On top of this, the latest Deadpool manga series, Deadpool: Samurai, has seen everyone's favorite "Merc With A Mouth" make numerous references to UA Academy, proving that the comic publishers aren't afraid to find unique ways to crossover with the heroes of Kohei Horikoshi's popular Shonen franchise.


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