My Hero Academia: Bakugo Gets Drawn by Fellow Shonen Jump Artist

Bakugo has long been one of the most popular students of Class 1-A, leaving his mark on UA Academy thanks in part to his astounding explosive Quirk and his equally intense personality that has made him one of the most powerful students in the anime franchise, and the mangaka responsible for the story of Scum's Wish offered her own take on the rival of Deku. My Hero Academia has recently thrown quite the curve ball Bakugo's way in the latest chapter of the manga, as the Paranormal Liberation War has been heating up between the heroes and villains of the franchise!

In one of the latest installments of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, Bakugo fell victim to an attack by the new inheritor of the All For One Quirk in Shigaraki, the head of the League of Villains whose original powers over decay have been boosted thanks to this big power up. Being skewered by the powers of One For All, Bakugo has been mortally wounded and the question of whether or not the explosive hero will ultimately survive the Paranormal Liberation War arc of the franchise has been one that has been on the minds of many fans.

The creator behind the manga series of Scum's Wish, Mengo Yokoyari, offered her own take on Bakugo, presenting art work that has made the mangaka's franchise take off when it comes to popularity as the series has received both an anime adaptation and a live action television series in Japan:

Scum's Wish isn't exactly like the Shonen series that focuses on a new generation or heroes and villains, instead deciding on a number of different mixed up students and teachers who find themselves in a series of love triangles as they search for true love. Though there has been no plans for this universe to be brought back with a new manga or anime series, it's clear that Mengo definitely is able to produce some stellar art work, using Bakugo as the basis for this latest piece.

Do you think Bakugo will ultimately be able to survive the War Arc of My Hero Academia? What do you think of this unique take on the explosive hero? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!