My Hero Academia Confirms a Shocking All for One Injury

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter sees Hawks make contact with Dabi once again - this time in the setting of Osaka. Hawks is still working Dabi, despite the interruption that occurred between them last time in Fukuoka - but this time, Dabi has a dark order for pro hero:

"You're gonna prove your loyalty not just to the League," Dabi tells Hawks over the phone, "But to the whole anti-establishment cause. So, take someone out. Someone other than number one..."

With that kind of decisive order on the table, Hawks has to think of a way to sell a murder convincingly enough to please the League of Villains. The best option he comes up with is to visit the home of one pro hero who's been out of commission for quite awhile: Best Jeanist!

Hawks arrives at Best Jeanist's apartment and catches up with the former No. 3 pro hero. It's during that conversation that we get full confirmation of just how badly Best Jeanist was injured during his battle with All For One, way back in the "Hideout Raid" arc. As Best Jeanist reveals, his injury was bad enough that U.A.'s healer nurse couldn't restore him:

"My condition has improved... Her quirk can't help recover what has been lost altogether. But a man can go on living with just one lung."

If you don't remember, Best Jeanist was impaled by one of the many quirks that One For All has in his arsenal. The pro hero literally had a gaping hole in his lower left midsection, and still fought to defend his friends from the archvillain. That impalement apparently punctured Jeanist's lung so badly that it had to be removed - which fully explains why the pro hero has been out of sight and out of commission since that time. As further dialogue reveals, Jeanist doesn't plan on staying down and out of commission forever, as he tells Hawks:

"I plan to step back into the public eye shortly, as the masses are eager to witness me correct injustices once more."


The scene leaves off with the indication that Best Jeanist might not get to make his return - that is, if you actually believe Hawks is going to kill Best Jeaninst. However, it's almost certain that Hawks picked this particular candidate because of the unique position Best Jeanist is in right now: it's easy enough to him to disappear as "deceased" without disrupting the currently fragile pro hero order any further.

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