My Hero Academia Drops Teaser for Big Villain Event

My Villain Academia was arguably the greatest storyarc of not only the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, but the entirety of the Shonen franchise as the spotlight was stripped from the heroes of Class 1-A and focused on Shigaraki and his gang in the League of Villains. Though the latest event in Japan focusing on the villains of the world of UA Academy has already taken place, the Shonen franchise decided to release a teaser for the event via social media, giving fans who are outside of Japan an idea of what took place.

My Villain Academia placed Shigaraki and his fellow members of the League of Villains into the best position that they've ever achieved over the course of Kohei Horikoshi's epic story of heroes and villains, with the young antagonists managing to defeat ReDestro and the Meta Liberation Army. Becoming the new defacto leader of the Army, Shigaraki and his pals now have all the resources of the sprawling collective, as well as the ability to employ the members of the MLA that are over one-hundred thousand strong. Needless to say, the heroes of Class 1-A are in for the fight of their lives when the anime adaptation returns for its sixth season. 

Twitter User Atsushi101X shared the latest video for the My Villain Academia Event which saw the voice actors behind Shigaraki and his fellow villains within the League of Villains gather to help celebrate the series as well as share some behind-the-scenes information about the creation of the fifth season's deadly arc:

The sixth season is set to arrive next year from Studio Bones, examining the fallout of the My Villain Academia storyline with the War Arc, which will have casualties on both sides of the aisle as the giant battle takes place. Kohei Horikoshi is currently telling the story of "The Final Arc", leaving fans to wonder how many more chapters of the manga, and how many more seasons of the anime, they can expect in the future of My Hero Academia. With the series' popularity continuing to skyrocket, we wouldn't be surprised if there are still years of stories left to tell for both the heroes and villains alike.

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