Two Surprising Characters Return to 'My Hero Academia'

Warning! Spoilers for Chapter 162 of My Hero Academia below!

Still facing the fallout of the hero's attack on Overhaul and his Eight Precepts of Death, the "Internship" arc has finally come to an end.

And with that ending has the much lauded return of two fan favorites after nearly a year of being absent in the manga.

My Hero Academia's "Internship" arc followed Izuku Midoriya's Internship with Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick. As Midoriya gets caught up in a much bigger mess than before, the majority of the arc focused a ton of attention on Midoriya and Mirio and action outside of the academy.

Because of this, the return of Bakugo and Todoroki at the end of the chapter 162 was received very well by fans. The two characters were currently in the midst of Provisional License training because of their failure to get their preliminary Hero License, so they were completely absent from the events of the "Internship" arc despite other academy students like Uraraka and Tsuyu showing up.

As the chapter is the cooldown period from the "Internship" arc, Midoriya still feels guilty over Nighteye's fate and Mirio's current quirklessness. Visiting Mirio in the hospital, Midoriya asks Mirio if he'd be willing to take his quirk as a replacement. Mirio utterly denies it, however.

Vowing to smile and still be a big hero someday despite his new disability, Mirio declines Midoriya's offer because he doesn't want anyone else to deal with his current hardship. Not only does this hopefully alleviate Midoriya's guilt after learning that Mirio was the one originally meant to inherit One for All, but sets Mirio as a character who refuses to give up in the face of his newly found hardship.

Meanwhile Gran Torino chases Kurogiri through the forest, and upon catching up to him releases that All for One still has cronies throughout the world. As the League of Villains have entered a new era of seriousness and power, Kurogiri is far more confident in their ability.


All for One apparently had predicted he'd be defeated by All Might and kept under lock down, so he had prepared another villain along the fearsome Shiragaki. Gran Torino suddenly comes face to face with the new threat: the insanely giant and fearsome Gigantomachina.

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