My Hero Academia Chapter 279 Title Surfaces

My Hero Academia has been busy with Izuku as of late, but the rest of his classmates aren't [...]

My Hero Academia has been busy with Izuku as of late, but the rest of his classmates aren't sitting too far from the action. The manga has been keeping track of the Pro Heroes as they face their very first battle of an upcoming war with the villain. With Shigaraki leading the gang, the baddies seem to be pulling ahead at the moment, but it turns out Class 1-A is ready to toss a wrench into those plans.

Recently, fans got an idea of what's coming for My Hero Academia this week. The title of chapter 279 surfaced online after a good bit of waiting. After a week on hiatus, fans were more than ready to get news on the manga, and this new chapter title confirms the students of UA Academy are ready to join the war.

According to user AtsushiX101, the title for chapter 279 is "Villain Alliance vs UA Students". The title is a rather forward one that gets all of the information out there. This new chapter will follow Class 1-A and others as they fight off the baddies charging at them, and there is no doubt Yaoyorozu will lead them.

After all, the heroine set up her place as a leader at the end of chapter 278. The update saw Midnight give the student strict instructions on how to stop Gigantomachia. While the Pro Heroes failed to stop the beast, Midnight believes the baddie can be stopped if he's sedated, and Momo's power allowed her to synthesize such drugs on the fly. It is up to the students to knock Gigantomachia out because if they don't then scores of innocent casualties will rest on their shoulders. Talk about pressure, huh?

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