My Hero Academia Sets Up Aizawa's Endgame For the War

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 sets up Aizawa's plan to end the final war!

My Hero Academia has reached a new turning point in the final war against the villains, and the newest chapter of the manga has set up Shota Aizawa's plan to help bring it all to an end! My Hero Academia has been working through the final fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, and it had seemed like Deku was able to reach an end as he connected with Shigaraki deep within the villain's subconscious to see what makes him want so much destruction. But the reveal ended up being that this was All For One's path to a return to full control. 

All For One was able to take advantage of Shigaraki's wavering mind and take over his body completely, and now All For One once again stands as a major threat the heroes will need to work together to defeat. While Deku is much worse for wear after everything that happened with Shigaraki, Aizawa has made his way to the final battlefield and he's got a plan to mobilize the last of the active heroes to hopefully bring all of these terrible battles to an end. 

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My Hero Academia: Aizawa's Plan to End the War

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 picks up shortly after Aizawa warped to the battlefield to stop All For One, and he enacts what he calls "Phase Three: Divide and Conquer." It's revealed that shortly before he warped to where Deku and All For One were, Aizawa used Kurogiri's warp power to get to where the last of the fighting heroes were. Gathering the rest of the heroes and sending them to the final few battlefields, and it's revealed that Aizawa has brought the rest of Class 1-A through these warps as well. 

Aizawa's final plan is to use these warps to push the final few heroes that can fight against the villains, and hopefully this last effort is what helps to clinch the victory. Defeating All For One is a completely different matter, however, as Shigaraki is still somewhere within that body and could potentially find a way to help topple his former master as well

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