My Hero Academia Just Set Off Its New Redemption Arc

In its time, My Hero Academia has done a lot of things right. There will always be naysayers, but for the most part, the manga has nailed things like redemption arcs. A number of heroes and villains have undergone such transformations, so My Hero Academia is kinda known for these arcs now. So of course, another major character just redeemed themselves ahead of the story's final showdown.

The whole thing went live in My Hero Academia chapter 343 this week. Fans checked in on the manga to find Izuku in shock when Aoyama was found outside the school's new base. The boy was there to lure One For All outside where he could be taken easily, and All For One was confident in his plan. However, one of the quirks he used to vet the situation let him down, and Aoyama turned tail against the villains as fans all expected.

"The tears are real! I truly am scared! In fact, I think I may have wet myself," Aoyama tells Izuku after the pair pull one over All For One. "This is for Maman and Papa and all of my friends and for myself! I shall fight All For One!"

Now, My Hero Academia fans will remember it wasn't that long ago that Aoyama was outed as the U.A. High School traitor. The boy was taken for a spin after Izuku learned about his secret; Aoyama and his parents were indebted to All For One after the boy was given a quirk, so the family was forced to spy on our heroes. All For One kept them in line with threats and a quirk that could tell if someone was lying to him. Unfortunately for him, that power didn't hold up to Aoyama's trick with Izuku, but All For One isn't all that bothered. The war for society has barely begun, and My Hero Academia has redeemed Aoyama in time for him to assist Class 1-A.

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