My Hero Academia Cosplay Creates Pitch Perfect All Might

The Superman of the UA Academy universe might be retired following his titanic battle against the [...]

The Superman of the UA Academy universe might be retired following his titanic battle against the villain All For One, but that hasn't stopped All Might from being revisited time and time again in fan works and one cosplayer has created a pitch-perfect rendition of the former Symbol of Peace. WIth Midoriya attempting to take the mantle of the new top hero in Kohei Horikoshi's popular Shonen franchise, it's clear that the world of heroes and villains is reacting to the loss of All Might, with hero society barely hanging on in both the anime and the manga of My Hero Academia.

Yagi Toshinori looks nothing like his muscular alter-ego, looking far more like an anemic scarecrow than the Symbol of Peace that has saved countless lives over the course of his crime-fighting career. With years of abuse heaped on his body as All Might, suffering terrible blows from the likes of All For One and a bevy of villains that he's had to battle, Yagi was already struggling with his super-heroics at the start of the series. With Toshinori now taking on a new role as a teacher at UA Academy, attempting to teach the students how to better use their Quirks, fans are left wondering if All Might will survive the series' story.

Reddit Cosplayer Nitsvetov shared this insanely impressive Cosplay for My Hero Academia's former Symbol of Peace, taking time to capture not only the costume of All Might and his outlandish hairstyle, but the shading of the character that Kohei Horikoshi has made famous in the Shonen franchise:

My Allmight cosplay from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

With the War Arc having disastrous effects on hero society, readers are left wondering how All Might will factor into the future of the franchise, especially with Midoriya currently having a spiritual consultation with the past One For All users in his brain. More than a few times, All Might has been predicted to die in the future of the series, but Yagi has been able to skirt death time and time again, though with hero society crumbling, perhaps the former number one hero's time is running out.

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