My Hero Academia Cosplay Unleashes The Fury Of Medieval Bakugo

Though we have yet to see the students and professional heroes travel through time, as is the case with many other super hero universes such as the Marvel and DC Universe, that hasn't stopped new interpretations of the characters in different time frames from being created as one cosplayer shows with this take on the Medieval version of the hot headed hero, Bakugo. The explosive young hero has long been a rival of Midoriya's, attempting to become the strongest hero in the world while unleashing his Quirk to insane degrees and this iteration of him as a dragon rider works wonders for the character!

In the previous season of My Hero Academia's manga, Bakugo finally had the opportunity to do what so many others of his class had done in gaining his provisional hero's license, alongside the likes of Todoroki and Cami. Though he took far less of the spotlight this year in comparison to Midoriya, he is currently doing his best to make up for this within the pages of the manga. In the current story line of the Paranormal Liberation War, Bakugo is once again battling alongside Midoriya in a bid to bring down the countless number of villains and Shigaraki, who is far more powerful than he ever has been.

Instagram Cosplayer Jihatsu shared this amazing take on the Medieval version of Bakugo that appeared in a number of sketches from creator Kohei Horikoshi, as well as fully animated in the ending theme of an earlier season of the anime for My Hero Academia:

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This won’t be the last time I cos Bakugou! Okay yeah that’s it that’s the post - Photo cred: @dtjaaaam

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Class 1-A has gone through some changes in their first year of their journeys, battling villains, monsters, and attempting to survive the trials and tribulations of studying within UA Academy. Perhaps one day, we'll be given the opportunity to see these Medieval outfits brought into the series proper, whether that be through a Halloween adventure or a time travelling journey in its pages.

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