My Hero Academia Creator Introduces Beatboxing Bakugo

The creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, has never been shy about sharing what he loves, with the Shonen mangaka often using his Official Twitter Account to share both new art and his current interests. Now, it seems as though Horikoshi has found a new interest and has transplanted said interest onto one of the biggest characters of UA Academy in Bakugo, with "Beatboxing Bakugo" hitting the scene and showing the explosive hot-head in an entirely new light for fans of the wildly popular Shonen series that recently ended the fifth season of its anime adaptation.

When last we left Bakugo in the fifth season of the anime, My Hero Academia saw him completing his work-study under the number one hero Endeavor, alongside his rival Deku and Shoto Todoroki. With the young hero having a better understanding of his Quirk, the final moment we saw Bakugo in the finale, he sat alongside Deku as All Might shared the next Quirk that the inheritor of One For All must master in "Float", the power of All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura. While the release date for season six hasn't been confirmed, the series has confirmed that it will be adapting the War Arc, the biggest battle of the series to date which sees Shigaraki's Paranormal Liberation Front attacking the heroes head-on.

Kohei Horikoshi shared the new sketch of beatboxing Bakugo, with the mangaka sharing the fact that he has recently discovered a love of beatboxing that had the artist feel the need to merge this musical style with the hot-head hero that has become one of the most popular heroes in the history of UA Academy:

Bakugo's temperament, design, and personality have made him ascend the ranks of fan favorites within the Shonen series for quite some time, with many fan polls listing him as the far away winner when it came to popularity. While many fans of the franchise had thought from time to time that he would eventually become a villain, it would seem that he has grown significantly over the years and was able to recently bury the hatchet with Deku in the pages of the manga in some big ways. 

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