My Hero Academia Completes Bakugo's Redemption Arc in New Chapter

My Hero Academia is well-known for its epic and powerful redemption arcs (see video above!) and in [...]

My Hero Academia is well-known for its epic and powerful redemption arcs (see video above!) and in the latest chapter of the manga, Katsuki Bakugo finally comes to the end of his own redemption arc, which has been one of the longest-running subplots of the entire series. As My Hero Academia fans know, it was the relationship between Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya that first propelled the latter into the fate of being the "chosen one" for the power of One For All, but in My Hero Academia chapter 322, it's finally time for Bakugo to make amends for a wrong that started all the way back in the series' first chapter.

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 322 SPOILERS Follow!

Right now, My Hero Academia has been in the middle of its own "Civil War" arc (to borrow from the Marvel Comics storyline of the same name). Izuku Midoriya left U.A. High School and struck out on his own as "Deku," hell-bent on tracking down All For One and ending his threat for good. Instead, All For One has crippled Japan's hero world by staging a mass prison break of powerful villains - many of whom he's aimed straight at Izuku.

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When Class 1-A finally caught up with Izuku, he violently resisted their efforts to join his quest - but Class 1-A wasn't taking "no" for an answer. Izuku's classmates staged a showcase of both their upgraded powers and their compassionate heroism, just to get his attention and consideration for a moment. In My hero Academia chapter 322, Class 1-A finally gets to make their case to Izuku, and Bakugo does so with actions that are much louder than words. But first, he does in fact say some words that Izuku very much needs to hear:

"Hey. Remember what I said when Shigaraki made Swiss cheese outta me? It was 'Stop trying to win this on your own. But I had more to say. I needed to tell you that I got stabbed cuz my body moved on its own. You know I always looked down on you cuz you were quirkless. You were s'posed to be beneath me, but I kept feeling like you were above me. I hated it. I couldn't bear to look at you. I couldn't accept the way you were. So I kept you at arm's length and was mean to you. I tried to act all superior by rejecting you but I kept losing that fight. Since we got into U.A. nothing's worked out how I thought it would. Instead, this past year forced me to understand your strength and my weakness.

Now, I don't expect this to change a thing between us, but I gotta speak my truth. Izuku, I'm sorry for everything. There's nothing wrong with the path you've been walking down since inheriting One For All and following All Might's lead. But now you're barely standing. And those ideals along ain't enough to get you over the wall you're facing. We're here to step in when you can't hand it all on your own. Because to live up to those ideals and surpass All Might, we gotta save you the civilians at U.A., and the people on the streets. Because saving people is how we win."

To show that he means it, Bakugo does the one thing we've never seen him do: he bows to Izuku when he apologizes. This completes the arc the series started where Bakugo put Izuku in a position of shame and ridicule, and will finally cement a real brotherhood between the two, going into the final battles.