My Hero Academia Reveals Mr. Compress' Surprising Bloodline

My Hero Academia's big war between the Pro Heroes and League of Villains army continues to reveal [...]

My Hero Academia's big war between the Pro Heroes and League of Villains army continues to reveal some truly unexpected shocks. If nothing else, this arc of My Hero Academia's will be remembered for expanding our perception of the various League of Villains characters, who have almost stolen the stage entirely from the heroes! Hot on the heels of Dabi's big Shakespearean reveal that he's the son of No. 1 hero Endeavor, comes a shocking dramatic reveal that the League of Villains' expert thief Mr. Compress is also much more than he seems! As it turns out, Compress is no less than villain royalty!

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 294 SPOILERS Follow!

In "Final Performance", Mr. Compress makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to give his team the chance to make it out of the war and fight another day. The League of Villains thought they had victor in grasp, as the group managed to ride the back of their big monster, Gigantomachia, all the way to the rescue of their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. Dabi's reveal shook up the heroes badly enough for the League of Villains to press their advantage; luckily, the heroes got a much-needed save when Best Jeanist arrived on the scene to snare the villains in an intricate web of threads.

The sacrifice play of Class 1-A's reserve team got a sedative into Gigantomachia, and the beast's effort of struggling against Jeanist's thread-web finally made the drug take effect. With Gigantomachia down and out, the League of Villains looks all but out of the fight. That is until Compress decides that his friends' journey can't end there. Compress's quirk allows him to compress objects (living or not) into small, marble-like objects. When the villain turns that power on himself, it functions as a fatally effective way for him to escape Jeanist's snare.

Knowing that he doesn't have long left, Mr. Compress decides to use his last moments to cement a legacy worthy of his true name. At long last we see Mr. Compress unmasked, revealing himself to be Atsuhiro Sako, the great-grandson of Peerless Thief!

Peerless Thief (aka Oji Harima) first appeared in My Hero Academia chapter 171, where we learned of him through Gentle Criminal during a video blog on the great heroes and villains of history. Harima was a master thief and villain who stole wealth from heroes and gave it back to civilians. His reputation puts him on a level with All For One and Destro, though there's little we've actually known about Peerless Thief in terms of quirk power or identity... until now. In his inner monologue, Compress recalls his great grand-father's mission:

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