My Hero Academia: What's Next For Dabi After Breaking Society?

My Hero Academia has (finally) revealed the secret of Dabi's real name and origin - and while not surprising, it certainly is a game-changer, as Dabi used his true identity to effectively break society! (SPOILERS) As it turns out, Dabi is in fact Toya Todoroki, the son of Endeavor and eldest brother of Shoto Todoroki. Dabi has put all of that information out in the open, with a nation-wide broadcast confession that twisted the knife even deeper, by revealing that both no. 1 hero Endeavor and no. 2 hero Hawks in no way live up to the hero code they claim to have. In doing so, Dabi has forever shaken public faith in its heroes!

So what's next for Dabi in My Hero Academia after he's broken society? Let's discuss!

The current "Paranormal Liberation War" arc of My Hero Academia has taken time and space to reframe Dabi's character - even before this latest major origin reveal in chapter 290. During a battle with Hawks, Dabi revealed that the League of Villains has always just been a means to an end for him. Dabi's real goal has been to deliver a Joker-style psychological blow to pro hero society, forever fracturing society's confidence in its protectors.

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Dabi may have just achieved that in My Hero Academia chapter 291, with his video confession that's been broadcast all over the country. In revealing that a sadistic pyro serial killer and League of Villains member was actually created by the nation's top hero, Dabi has forced society to question pro heroes and what they actually accomplish and if they should be the sole authorized users of quirks in society. Dabi and Endeavor are about to have a major battle, and if Enji Todoroki falters in the face of his son, then Dabi could strike another big blow by taking out society's new Symbol of Peace.

Regardless of what happens with Endeavor, Dabi has been revealed to be much more than just the psychotic sadist his been portrayed as, to this point. In his taunt to Endeavor and Shoto, Dabi reveals that he's the one who orchestrated the battles and events that led to Endeavor's rise to become the new Symbol of Peace; he also got Enji to do the necessary soul-searching that led him to reconcile with the Todoroki family. The point of building his father up was Dabi's sadistic endgame wish to pull him back down and pull his family apart. He even used the heroes' war against the villain as means to frame no. 2 Hawks as a ruthless assassin, instead of the heroic spy he really was. That's a level of strategy and sadism that's greater than anything Tomura Shigaraki has pulled off, marking Dabi as a new kind of big bad threat to My Hero Academia's world.


One big question to answer before plotting Dabi's future as a villain mastermind is just how much Shigaraki knew about his teammate. Shigaraki's battle with Endeavor earlier in the War arc seemed to suggest that he's always known full well what kind of wild card he had in the deck - even if the rest of the League of Villains clearly did not. With Dabi now fully revealed, it's frightening to think what they might do together, next.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.