My Hero Academia: Two Pro Heroes Mark the War's First Casualties

My Hero Academia has endured some upsetting deaths over the years, but it seems like the villains are ready to lay waste to any pro defying them. The manga proved this with its recent arc as the Paranormal Liberation Raid saw the Pro Heroes ambush the baddies under Shigaraki's control, and it looked like they would win for a bit. But as it turns out, that hope was for naught as two heroes have become the first official deaths in this Hero vs. Villain war.

The information came in My Hero Academia chapter 272 after readers watched Shigaraki wake up. The baddie has been powered up to new levels thanks to Dr. Garaki, and his Decay Quirk has become super strong. It is powerful enough to take out an entire city at this point, and two heroes were confirmed dead by the end of chapter 272.

And their identities? Well, the Number 6 Hero died as Crust sacrificed himself to save Aizawa from certain death. X-Less was also killed, but the newcomer died due to random chance rather than a noble sacrifice.

My Hero Academia Curious Exodus
(Photo: Viz Media)

X-Less was the first killed as he was with Shigaraki when the baddie awoke. He immediately let loose his Decay Quirk, which instantly turned the Pro Hero to dust. However, Shigaraki did manage to steal the man's cape before dying.

Crust was the next to die as he sacrifices himself to save Eraserhead. The man threw Aizawa to some heroes overhead who were able to save him, but it left Crust vulnerable on the ground. There was no way he could avoid being Decayed, and he said goodbye to fans with a simple thumbs-up.


Of course, the word is out on whether these two Pro Heroes were the only killed. It is up in the air whether Pixie-Bob, Thirteen, Wash, and others made it out of harm's way. And with Shigaraki on a rampage still, there is no doubt more Pro Heroes may end up dead in this war for society.

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