'My Hero Academia' Is Airing a Filler Episode Soon and Here's Why

My Hero Academia has been blessedly good at keeping its superhero-themed storyline moving at a [...]

My Hero Academia has been blessedly good at keeping its superhero-themed storyline moving at a brisk pace, with little downtime in between big events and story arcs. However, it seems as though My Hero Academia is about to commit one of the gravest sins of the anime genre by delivering a filler episode in the coming weeks!

Next Week(25/08/2018) There Will Be An Anime Original Episode in Boku No Hero Academia. Here's Why. from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

As has been explained over on Reddit, My Hero Academia isn't indulging in filler due to any kind of lack in storytelling - but rather as a matter of charity. Japan's "24h TV - Love Saves The Earth" charity event kicks off next week, and while typically a lot of shows choose not air during that event, some shows (including MHA) airs special tie-in episodes that fit the theme of the charity.

Considering the context, My Hero Academia fans are actually getting something pretty special. Not only will this upcoming filler episode be tied to charity, it will also apparently be a tie-in with the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie, which has been doing well in Japanese theaters, and has a highly-anticipated run as a limited-time US theatrical "event," which will start in about a month's time.

As you can see in the preview above, the upcoming tie-in episode will see Izuku Midoriya and his U.A. Classmates headed out on some kind of fun / altruistic mission of heroism - though the time frame seems unclear. The synopsis for the episode (see below) and the presence of All Might still in his powered-up form suggest that it is set when the film is set, during the early part of U.A.'s summer break, before the events of season 3's "Training Camp Arc." However, Izuku is clearly seen sporting the leg braces that he got from support wunderkind Mei Hatsume after the event of both the "Training Camp" and "Hideout Raid" arcs featured in season 3. So will the episode be structured as a flashback from the current events of the "Hero License Exam Arc"? Or is this a major continuity error that slipped through the cracks. We'll find out soon enough!

Synopsis: "Izuku and Company Go Through Special Training! Izuku and several others join a special training course for Summer vacation, when something befalls them! A special episode directly connected with the theatrical release!"

My Hero Academia season 3 airs new episodes every Saturday on Funiamtion, Crunchyroll and Hulu. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, is now in Japanese theaters, and will arrive in the U.S. on Tuesday, Sept. 25.