My Hero Academia Celebrates Gentle and La Brava's Return With New Cover Art

My Hero Academia is now setting the stage for the final battles of the series overall, and the cover art from the newest chapter of the series is celebrating Gentle and La Brava's return to action with a cool new look! The final war between the heroes and villains has been steadily getting ready for the final phase of its action, and things have taken a turn for the worst for the heroes. The villains are seemingly getting stronger as they become more unhinged, and the heroes in turn are struggling to keep up with everything that has happened in the fights so far. 

But while the heroes are running out of steam, they have been getting some surprising key help from a few just as surprising allies. The previous chapters of the series have seen the return of both Gentle Criminal and his hacker partner La Brava, and the cover art for Chapter 379 of the series is highlighting the both of their returns to the action with a cool new look! Given that the two of them are acting as heroes this time around, it's quite the fitting tribute! 

How Do Gentle and La Brava Return to My Hero Academia? 

My Hero Academia's latest chapters have seen the floating U.A. Academy battlefield hurtling towards the ground after Shigaraki successfully used his decay on it for the first real time, but Gentle and La Brava have played some key roles in helping it stay afloat. La Brava returned first when it was revealed that she was keeping Skeptic from hacking into U.A.'s security systems thanks to her own hacking skills, but Gentle's return was much more magnanimous.

As the U.A. Academy battlefield continued to fall, Gentle made his return to the series to catch it midair with a huge new use of his quirk. Now holding up the battlefield before it hits the ground, it was revealed that Gentle actually played a huge role during the prison breakouts as well. He managed to keep the prisoners locked away in his particular facility from escaping, and now he's definitely on the path to redemption that Deku set him out on during the Culture Festival arc. 

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