My Hero Academia Season 6 Names Dabi the MVP of the Newest Episode

My Hero Academia has named the fiery villain Dabi the MVP of Season 6's newest episode thanks to that deep dive into his tragic past! Endeavor and his impact on the rest of the Todoroki Family have been one of the major plots throughout Kohei Horikoshi's original series' run as a whole. They came into the main focus during the events of the fifth season as Endeavor became the number one hero, and now they have gotten even more attention from the rest of Japan when it was revealed that Dabi was actually the long thought dead Toya Todoroki

As the second half of Season 6 has been exploring the immediate fallout of everything that happened during the course of the Paranormal Liberation Front War in the first half of the season, Endeavor has been dealing with the fact that his abused and thought dead son has actually become such a deadly villain. But while he's reflecting, Dabi is doing the same and for that reason, My Hero Academia has named him the MVP of Episode 130: 

Why is Dabi My Hero Academia's Newest MVP? 

Episode 130 of My Hero Academia sees the Todoroki family reuniting in Endeavor's hospital room as they each break down what happened to Toya. At the same time, Dabi himself is looking back on the past and thinking about everything that happened with his father. Endeavor was just as abusive towards Toya and the others as he was towards Shoto, and that ultimately led to Toya trying to push himself further than he could handle to try and impress his father. 

It was then revealed that Toya's quirk got so out of control that it had burned him completely, and led to the same fire that Endeavor thought Toya lost his life in. But now that the mistakes of the past have come full circle for the number one hero, the Todoroki family is banding together in order to make sure that they deal with their shared family issue. But at the end of the day, it's Endeavor that needs to stand up. 

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