My Hero Academia Teases the Awesome Power of the Villain, Nine

My Hero Academia's new film will be releasing in Japan in just a couple of days, and it will be introducing a brand new villain to the franchise. Going under the nickname of Nine, this mysterious villain has nine quirks embedded into his body thanks to experiments by All For One and his even more mysterious doctor. But it's not quite clear just yet what these powers will be, and the film is teasing that he's got even stronger abilities than has been teased in the various trailers and promos seen for the film so far.

As noted by @aitaikimochi on Twitter, Nine has a base quirk that allows him to control the weather, and his other quirks are a mystery. A recent trailer for the film teases that he might even be able to steal other quirks, and will potentially be stealing One For All right from under Izuku Midoriya's nose.

This might also explain why series creator Kohei Horikoshi is such a big fan of the new villain. The director for Heroes Rising, Kenji Nagasaki, revealed in a recent interview that Horikoshi is "very interested" in Nine's character, "Nine is strong on the outside, but his body contains many secrets. His character has a very intense background." Horikoshi also gave the staff key lines to use in the script for the character, and Nagasaki teased that we should pay close attention to how Nine interacts with both the original characters in the film and Izuku Midoriya and the others.


The villains will have a much larger presence than the ones in the first film, Nagasaki teased, and not only will Nine be strong but the various other villains he surrounds himself with as well. So not only will Nine be powerful as an individual, but he will be surrounded by those who also believe in whatever mysterious cause he's chasing after. That's more dangerous than anything.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is slated to premiere December 20th in Japan, and Funimation has confirmed that they will be bringing the film to the United States and Canada in early 2020, so now fans all over the world are feeling the hype. The film is currently described as such, “A must-see story full of passion!! In this movie, Deku, Bakugo, Ochaco, Todoroki, and all the other members of Class 1-A will make an appearance! Even though All Might was admired by [many] all around the world, it was with a sad heart that he had to give up his hero role as the Symbol of Peace. Because of this, a dark force who was moving behind the scenes, a villain named Nine who can be considered the greatest villain thus far.”