My Hero Academia Details the Truth Behind Nagant's Arrest

My Hero Academia is done with season five, but the series is stepping out with new content weekly thanks to the manga. Over in Japan, fans were gifted with a brand-new book of goodies when volume 32 went live. It was there fans got a look at some behind-the-scenes notes from Kohei Horikoshi, and the creator detailed new information about Lady Nagant.

After all, fans have some outstanding questions about Lady Nagant and her pastMy Hero Academia did delve into her dark history, but there are still tons of gaps. Fans are eager to learn why Nagant wasn't quietly killed after murdering the then-leader of the HSPC, but volume 32 explains it is all thanks to one woman.

According to Horikoshi, Lady Nagant was kept alive on the orders of the HSPC chairwoman who fans have known from Hawks. The group's former leader did not want Nagant killed for a simple reason. The older lady felt the previous chairman was cruel in how he treated his tools, and Lady Nagant had done enough dirty work to earn a bit of protection.

This is why the Chairwoman had Lady Nagant jailed in Tartarus after running her name through the mud. The woman wanted to prevent the former pro hero from leaking secrets about HSPC's dirty work, and no one would believe Lady Nagant after she was jailed for murder.

Of course, My Hero Academia fans will know the chairwoman did not fully disapprove of her predecessor. She went on to raise more tools like Lady Nagant with Hawks, but she did so on her own terms. By finding a no-name child with extraordinary powers, the HSPC was able to turn Hawks into a deadly weapon who could be a hero and assassin. But now, well - we all know the HSPC is kaput in light of Redestro's attack. 

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