Viral My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Camie to Life

One awesome My Hero Academia cosplay has gone viral for perfectly bringing Camie Utsushimi to life! While the majority of the focus of the series has been on Izuku Midoriya and his time at U.A. Academy with the other young heroes at Class 1-A, some of fans' favorite characters in the series have popped up as part of the other hero schools' rosters that we don't get to see a lot of in action. Though one hero-in-training from a rival school seems to have gotten far more attention from fans than others. 

The Hero License Exam introduced fans to the students from other rival schools like Shiketsu, and while their roster had some heavy hitters, the one that stood out the most above them all was Camie Utsushimi. It was soon revealed that he odd actions toward Izuku during the exam were because she was actually Himiko Toga in disguise, but fans soon realized much later that the version of Camie we had seen then was not too much different from the real one. She might have missed out on the action in Season 5, but artist UniqueSora has gone viral with My Hero Academia fans on Twitter for perfectly bringing her back to the spotlight with awesome cosplay! Check it out below: 

Camie unfortunately missed out on the action in the fifth season, but she was one of the few Shiketsu students we actually got to see again in the fourth season of the series as Bakugo and Todoroki attended their make-up classes following their failure of the exam. But with the fifth season of the series, the series shifted its focus back to Class 1-A and even showed a little of Class 1-B in action. Not only that, but we also got to see more of the villains as well

There is a chance that we'll soon be seeing more of Shiketsu's students and the other heroes and villains outside of what we saw in the fifth season too. It was officially announced that My Hero Academia will be continuing with a sixth season of the series, and while there is no release window or date for the new season just yet, it will be tackling a massive war between the heroes and villains that was built up to during the events of the fifth season. What do you think? Are you hoping to see more of Shiketsu in the anime soon? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!