My Hero Academia Gives League of Villains Some Major Allies

My Hero Academia has kept its focus on Tomura Shigaraki as of late, and it seems the manga is ready to end the baddie's arc. At last, the Liberation Army story has wrapped, and it ended with a shocking alliance. After all, the League of Villains came out on top, and they were given the boons of war to prove it.

Yes, that's right. The Meta Liberation Army has been put into Shigaraki's hand which has given the League of Villains an impossibly large upgrade.

Recently, chapter 239 went live, and it was there fans learned of the combination. Readers watched on as Re-Destro lost his fight against Shigaraki in stunning glory. The League leader managed to upgrade his quirk to the point his feet touching bare ground could destroy a whole city, and Re-Destro realized something very important about Shigaraki afterwards.

"Oh, Great Destro. The ideal citizen of your post-liberation world was one who would embody freedom itself. Facing down the weight of history and our fated bloodline with the abyss looming before him, this young man laughed it all off," the leader said.

"I saw this young man, shining bright. That warped, crumbling horizon... I'd never seen anything prettier."

By the chapter's end, it was Re-Destro who bowed to Shigaraki in obedience. "The Metahuman Liberation Army is yours to command," the baddie said.

The move was a shocking one to everyone save for Shigaraki. This gift gives the League a power boost that is hard to quantify. Now, the organization has thousands of fighters on their side all over the world. With a single victory, Shigaraki has become a gang boss on the same level as All For One, and fans are nervous to see how Shigaraki will show off this might down the line.


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My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where everyone has powers, even though he was born without them. Dreaming to become a superhero anyway, he's eventually scouted by the world's best hero All Might and enrolls in a school for professional heroes. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. My Hero Academia is gearing up for an even bigger end of 2019 with both a fourth season of the anime and second big anime film.