My Hero Academia Teases Major Season 4 Finale Cliffhanger

My Hero Academia's fourth season is coming to a close and a recent release for the summary of the upcoming finale is hinting that the latest story arc is set to end on a cliffhanger. With the Pro Hero arc following Endeavor and Hawks running into a brand new threat in the form of the "High End Nomu", it's clear that the new number one and number two heroes will have their work cut out for them before this season is through! With this description, it's clear that the number one hero is going to encounter someone important to the series.

Endeavor and Hawks have been something of a ridiculous pairing since we first saw their relationship form with the previous installment of My Hero Academia, with the number one hero being far more stoic than the laid back number two. With the Hero Billboard Chart ceremony crowning the new top ten heroes of the world, the season is looking to end on a high octane note as Endeavor and Hawks are interrupted from learning more about one another by a new creation of the League of Villains!

Twitter User AitaiKimochi shared the upcoming description, hinting at the cliffhanger status of the season four finale that will show off the number one hero running into a mystery figure that may have big implications for his life moving forward as he attempts to find his own way to become a "Symbol of Peace":


This season has taken the students of UA Academy through the trials and tribulations of the Yakuza and their leader of Overhaul as well as attempting to create an amazing performance as a part of Cultural Festival Arc, battling the threat of Gentle Criminal and La Brava along the way. With the final story arc of season four of My Hero Academia coming to a close, rumors are swirling that a fifth season announcement is about to drop!

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