My Hero Academia Debuts First Season 5 Trailer

The day has arrived as Class 1-A and Class 1-B are set to clash against one another in the first trailer for My Hero Academia's fifth season! With the trailer showing off the two top freshman classes of UA Academy getting ready to rumble, it's clear that Studio Bones wasted no time in returning to the world of Midoriya and his friends that has become one of the most popular in the world of anime today. Of course, like each season of the series, there is a mysterious villain apparently waiting in the wings!

The fourth season of the series ended on something of a cliffhanger, with Deku journeying within himself and baring witness to the previous holders of the Quirk of One For All. Of course, before this pivotal scene, we were able to see the current number one and number two heroes teaming up to fight against the terrifying creation of the League of Villains in the High End Nomu. With Endeavor victorious, and taking a big step in attempting to fill All Might's shoes as the new "symbol of peace", it's clear that the series isn't showing any signs of stopping when it comes to the fast paced action that has become a trademark of the series to date.

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia shared the first trailer for the upcoming fifth season, which is apparently set to drop in the spring of 2021, showing off a few new looks for the heroes of Class 1-A as they get ready to test their quirks against their fellow UA Academy classmates in Class 1-B:

Class 1-B was last seen in the fourth season putting together a hilarious play during the Cultural Festival, not taking part in the battles against the villains of the season in Gentle Criminal and Overhaul. However, it seems as if the "second place" class is going to get the opportunity to show their stuff against their rivals in Deku and company come season five!


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