My Hero Academia Shares One of Uraraka's Best Moments Yet With a Major Save

The War Arc of My Hero Academia has seen both heroes and villains losing their lives as they attempt to change the world in favor of good and/or evil, but luckily, one hero's life was saved thanks in part to some quick thinking on behalf of Ochaco, aka the young hero named Uravity. While Ochaco has had roles to play in nearly every major story line and battle that has taken place in My Hero Academia to date, this latest installment of the Shonen franchise's manga shows that she might have a big battle ahead of her with little to no backup!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 288, you may want to steer clear of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

As the battle rages between Deku and Shigaraki, pitting the Quirks of All For One and One For All against one another, there is a choice amount of collateral damage that is taking place as a result of the Paranormal Liberation War. With the battle between heroes and villains, one of the biggest causes of devastation is the rampaging Gigantomachia, a larger than life villain who is stampeding his way through Nabato City and giving the heroes not involved in the brawls a countless number of civilians to save.

My Hero Academia Uravity Rescue
(Photo: Viz Media)

It's in this chapter that we're able to specifically focus on Uravity and her efforts to save civilians, even showing her being able to save the life of one of her hero friends in Froppy. With the amphibian powered young hero attempting to save a couple trapped in a building, Froppy is nearly hit by one of Gigantomachia's attacks, being saved from a crushing defeat by the gravity manipulating powers of Ochaco. With a quick save, Uravity continues her work, then encountering Toga in disguise and hinting that a big one on one fight between the hero and villain is set to arrive with the next installment.


Froppy and Uravity have proved to be quite the team throughout the franchise of My Hero Academia, with their powers able to work well in unison with one another and it will definitely be interesting to see how their partnership makes them better heroes as they grow into their roles.

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