My Hero Academia Creator Teases Fans with Mysterious Announcement

The creator of My Hero Academia is always busy given how popular his series has become, but things may be getting even more hectic for the artist. Kohei Horikoshi is busy working on the manga at all times, and he's as invested in the anime as anyone can be. So when the artist posted a recent author's note to fans, netizens were quick to speculate when Horikoshi said an announcement should be coming soon.

The message was shared in the most recent issue of Shonen Jump. Horikoshi gave a usual note to fans, and it was there the artist says he feels sorry for the manga's upcoming break but that he has been working double time to make up for it.

my hero academia
(Photo: Bones)

"I'm sorry for the BNHA break next week! I can't reveal the contents just yet, but I've been drawing a ton of things lately. An announcement should come soon," the artist shared via aitaikimochi.

As you can imagine, this little statement put fans up in arms as they began to speculate about the announcement. My Hero Academia has several big cliffhangers dangling in the manga, and that's not to even talk about season five coming next year. However, fans believe they have narrowed down their top theories to four things: a new movie, new anime, new manga, or a character reveal.

The first three speak for themselves as these sorts of projects are worth teasing. In fact, most fans are crossing their fingers for an anime adaptation of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, the official prequel to the mainline series. But if you ask others, they are far more interested in another reveal.


After all, fans have been dying to know more about Shoto's missing brother Touya. The prevailing fan-theory about Touya links him to Dabi, and the villain did tease fans with a hardcore cliffhanger earlier this month. If the baddie is about to reveal his true Todoroki identity, well - it goes without saying that the My Hero Academia fandom is about to implode.

What do you think about this new rumor? What other project would you like to see Horikoshi work on? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.