My Hero Academia Fans Predict the Series' Absolute Worst Ending

Every good thing must come to an end, they say. For manga readers, they know this truth well as many of the industry's best series of the last decade have ended already. However, some end their stellar runs with lackluster finales, and the fandom has started bracing itself for future duds should 2022 wrap more shonen hits. This is why the My Hero Academia fandom is bracing for the end.

And for some, they are getting way ahead of the curve. If you set your expectations low, you can never be disappointed, and that is why netizens are pitching the worst endings for My Hero Academia. And wow, some of these fan suggestions are wild.

Over on Reddit, fans were asked innocently enough what ending could bungle My Hero Academia if it came to pass. It was there users like Dededelight gave their predictions, and they are... something.

"All Might confesses his love to All For One, causing him to call off his evil scheme. Shigaraki then ends up becoming a teacher at UA and cheekily winks at the camera for the final scene. Oh and tail man is the number one hero," they shared.

Others were quick to chime in with their thoughts about My Hero Academia's cursed endings. So of course, ComicBook has gathered some of the wildest suggestions below:

  • "My ending theory is that story ends with AFO winning and getting every quirk, but New Order also gets roped in and destroys him removing all quirks from the world of MHA. Also it's revealed that this was all the evil doctors plan to solve the quirk singularity problem." – MattofCatbell
  • "Deku was never saved from the Sludge Villain in the first episode, this whole series has been his dying subconscious unable to cope with what's happening outside." – DocVak
  • "Shigaraki gets redeemed via talk no jutsu by Deku, AFO dies via power of friendship and Class 1A forgives Shiggy after Iida says it's water under the bridge." – goingplaces614
  • "As our heroes lay defeated, Mineta makes a hail mary throw at AFO who's in the middle of a villain laugh or monologuing. The ball gets caught in AFO's throat and he chokes to death..." – Jackal209

What do you think of these fan-pitches? How would you like to see My Hero Academia end down the road? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.