My Hero Academia Celebrates the Todoroki Siblings in This Cute Sketch

It would be putting things lightly to say the Todoroki family has gone through a lot. Barring Endeavor's failed marriage, the clan's kids have endured more trauma than most, and Shoto has come a long way in healing those gnarly wounds. Of course, My Hero Academia has tried to offer that same healing to his siblings, and a new sketch has gone live showcasing the Todoroki family's cutest get-together yet. 

The piece comes from My Hero Academia Ultra Impact as Twitter user Atsushi101X posted the poster on social media. As you can see above, the cute artwork shows Shoto having a nice day with his older siblings, and things almost look cozy between the trio.

To the left, Fuyumi is seen kneeling down with a tea set in hand, and her white-red hair is pulled back into a tie. Shoto is in the center wearing a sleek black button-up top and slacks while his big brother wears something a bit more casual. After all, Natsuo is rocking a layered long-sleeve top with black pants, and he is looking towards his brother and sister with a smile.

Clearly, the three are doing well in this still, and the thought of the Todoroki siblings having tea together is pretty much adorable. Of course, there are parts of the family missing here. Endeavor is not present, and that might be for the best given how Natsuo does not like their dad. Their mother is also absent in this shot, but fans are still hopeful Rei Todoroki will be able to leave treatment before much longer. And once that happens, this My Hero Academia scenario will expand to include the Todoroki matriarch.

What do you think of this cute v sketch? Does the Todoroki family rank on your list of favorite anime families...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.